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Will you be seeing HTTYD 2 Opening Weekend? 

76 deviants said Yes! 3D
60 deviants said Yes! IMAX 3D
52 deviants said I am going tonight! (available in select theaters =])
46 deviants said Yes! 2D
40 deviants said I am going to wait for the crowds to thin.
23 deviants said It isn't out in my country yet.
13 deviants said I don't plan on seeing it while in theaters.

PSA Regarding How To Train Your Dragon 2

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 16, 2014, 11:41 AM

Friendly PSA

Hey all!

Just to preface this PSA, I want everyone to know it is not directed at anyone, especially not on deviantart. A facebook post inspired it =]

This is just a friendly reminder to everyone that while some of us have seen the second HTTYD, not everyone has. There was a facebook post from DreamWorks asking for everyone's reviews, and the comments section was littered with spoilers and hatred for them.

Let's all try to be courteous when commenting on any HTTYD 2 related anything lol And for those of you who haven't seen the movie, try to keep it in mind if you click on something, especially asking for reviews of the movie you haven't seen, you risk spoiling it for yourself.

I haven't seen any instance of this on DA, yet, but you are sure to run into it. This also begs the question, how long until something isn't considered a spoiler? Well that's up to your discretion =] common sense works wonders on both sides. Personally, I consider something a spoiler until the movie is available for purchase, but that's just me. There is always the "spoiler warning" method but I honestly don't care for that lol

Anyways! Those who have seen it, do your best not to spoil it for others. Those of you who haven't it, do your best not to spoil it for yourself =]

If you CAN see the movie, I recommend seeing it twice. Stoick summed up the movie best for me, "It's a lot to take in.", especially the first time lol and I strongly suggest seeing it in IMAX 3D if possible =]  


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Just asking but now do you upload to a folder? I have so,e art of cloudjumper I'd love to share.
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Submit to the dragons folder in the gallery :D
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Why do you expire my drawings? 
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Hello! i've recently found this group and it's amazing! please, accept this fanart based on the fanfic "I hear him scream"…
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Thank you so much for accepting the invitation, that's super sweet from you ! :iconpapcryplz::heart:
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